Anonymised data and event performance – International Confex 2023

As attendees become more hesitant to share their personal data, how can event organisers effectively measure their event performance? Our head of insights and analytics, Nick Child, will be helping to answer that question, and many others, at International Confex, ExCel London, March 1st, 2023.

Over the last few years, there has been a shift in how people understand and value their personal data. The public is more aware of the risks of their data being used maliciously and is less inclined to share it as freely as they might have done only five years ago. As event attendees become more data-aware and reluctant to share, the industry needs to adapt and find new ways to measure attendee engagement.

At 14:00, Nick will be on stage at the Event Tech Theatre, with his presentation: “How using anonymised spatial analytics over time will improve event performance for organisers, brands, agencies and sponsors in a more data-aware universe”. Nick will also be sharing how passive, anonymised methods can be used to gather and measure data at events without compromising privacy, and without the need for an app, smart badges or any technology traditionally associated with footfall and visitor measurement.

Whether data capture and analysis is your expertise or you’re simply looking for the best way to measure engagement and behaviour at live events, Nick’s presentation will be a revealing and refreshing look at how spatial analytics is changing the way brands, and sponsors use data.

See you at Confex!

Bondi Sands to use Meshh for latest brand activation

This week, Twenty3 Sports and Entertainment will be deploying Meshh spatial analytics to measure engagement at the 2023 Australian Open Tennis as part of the Bondi Sands ‘Game, Set, Protect’ brand activation.

Throughout 16 – 29 January 2023, the Bondi Sands team will be on-site, ensuring spectators are protected from the summer sun with several ‘Game, Set, Protect’ Sunscreen Stations deployed across the precinct, providing samples of the Bondi Sands SPORT SPF50+ sunscreen range. Spectators are also invited to escape the summer heat at the Bondi Sands Misting Station. 

Meshh will be working with Twenty3 Sports and Entertainment to help measure the success of the activation, seamlessly measuring essential marketing data such as footfall, dwell time and engagement with the Misting Station and Bondi Sands Huts.

Andrew Stone, general manager operations, Meshh, explains, “There are a lot of factors to consider when evaluating brand activations – How many people passed by? Did those passersby stop and engage with the brand, and for how long? We measure in a passive, non-invasive way, preserving the anonymity of the individual. Allowing Bondi Sands to see  and understand behaviours not modified by the technology used, as happens when using in-app data collection. The data will allow Twenty3 Sports and Entertainment to measure the effectiveness of their campaign for Bondi Sands; repeating measurements such as this at future events allows the overlay of behavioural data, and that insight leads to improved performance, to the benefit of all parties.”

Meshh set to increase deployment at Sky Retail stores in 2023

We are pleased to announce that, from January 1st, 2023, we will be increasing the deployment of our spatial analytics technology in Sky retail outlets in the UK.

Since a successful proof of concept in early 2021, we have built Sky its own bespoke reporting tool, revealing the total visitor numbers, repeat visitors, dwell times, and conversion rates for Sky’s mid-mall assets and stores equipped with our technology. 

The reports are being used to better understand the effectiveness of marketing campaigns in driving traffic to stores, and identify what factors may affect customer experiences and operational needs. The data contributes to staff planning and business targets, with ongoing optimisation to maximise the consumer sales journey. Correlating behaviour and sales data enables Sky retail to gain a much deeper understanding of the touchpoints required prior to purchase.

Jess Pomfret, account director at Meshh, said, “As Sky’s footfall measurement partner we have been able to combine the data in our reports from multiple campaigns to provide more impactful data for Sky. In addition to the primary objectives set, our data has been able to help better understand the relationship between Sky’s assets and their locations in relation to each other. We’ve, also been able to measure the impact on footfall in stores from experiential marketing, such as the recent Sky Truck tour.”
Jess concluded, “Sky’s decision to expand spatial analytics to more outlets means that we can provide more extensive information to its team and develop upon our previous findings, making for more accurate benchmarking and an improved understanding of the many factors that affect customer experiences.”

The new UK data standard

When the UK government announced its plans to replace the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with the UK Data Protection Bill, it raised many questions about how the event industry would be affected.

Our head of insights and analytics, Nick Child, shared his thoughts in the January 2023 edition of Hospitality & Events North Magazine on what changes can be expected, the shift in users’ understanding of their data and what the final Act may mean for the industry. 

Read the full column here –

Data : the new norm

Event Tech Live is the premier UK event solely dedicated to using technology at live events. It returned on the 15th & 16th of November 2022, this time moving to ExCeL, London and, going into its 10th year; it showcased the very best in Event Tech

Alongside the in-person event, streaming content was made available to virtual attendees from the 14th of November. All of this activity kicked off with a panel session that looked at data, the recent news covering misuse of tracking information on apps, and how certain event organisers were trying to ensure that the public attending their events had the confidence to share their data.

Panellists included Greg Morris, Research Director at Nielsen Sports UK. Greg joined the company early in 2022 and worked across a wide range of clients, including a number of projects around Events and Customer Experience Research. Prior to that Greg was Senior Brand Research Manager at Formula 1, and he has also worked at a number of Media owners, including Sky and Fox, during his 17 years in the research industry.

Jake Pryszlak, Insight Manager at SailGP, is a 3-time award-winning market researcher and Insight Manager at SailGP. Jake has worked with some of the most well-known organisations in the world, including Google, AirBnB, Formula One and JP Morgan. Day to day, Jake helps SailGP understand its audience whilst helping cross-departmental decision-making using Insights.

And, of course, the panel included our CEO, Caroline McGuckian.

Here’s the full session that opened Event Tech Live 2022 :


Spatial analytics on the road

Sky has concluded the 2022 Sky Truck Tour with measurement partner Meshh, where the ​location-based intelligence and interaction specialist provided its analytics services from 1st August – 6th November 2022 to aid in evaluating the success of the campaign.

Jamie Baskerville, Retail Trading Lead, Sky, explains, “It is important for us to be able to see how our marketing campaigns influence consumer behaviour across the company, not just in direct relation to the campaign. The reports from Meshh will be used to measure the tour’s success and how these campaigns may drive awareness and foot traffic to our stores, particularly newer branches.”

During the four-month campaign, two Sky Tour Trucks, installed with a Meshh sensor, travelled across the UK and stopped at twenty locations where they promoted several offerings to the public, including Sky Glass and the recently launched, Sky Stream service. 

Jessica Pomfret, account director, Meshh, said, “The nature of our partnership with Sky allowed us to expand on the data we provided for this tour. Not only have we been able to provide key measurement metrics & ROI, but we have also been able to prove the effectiveness of their marketing strategy by running bespoke reports –  measuring the number of people exposed and engaged with the tour at any location and were subsequently seen in any of Sky’s shops.”

Composing the Metaverse

Our CEO, Caroline McGuckian and Jack Jacob, MD and founder of Partnership Network Events (PNE) joined Event Industry News podcast host James Dickson to take a look at all things Metaverse; is it real, does it have a purpose and how will it affect the live events industry?

During a wide-ranging conversation lasting 40 minutes Caroline, Jack and James covered everything from how the metaverse may be funded to sating the five senses and on to gaming, Metaverse gigs and the Queen’s funeral, underscored by the perennial question ‘what it could be good for’.

As both participants are strong advocates of face-to-face, in-person events, the conversation took some interesting turns.

See the full podcast here:

ETL 2022

We are thrilled to announce that our CEO, Caroline Mcguckian will be one of the panellists for an Event Tech Live virtual session alongside Greg Morris, Research Director at Nielsen Sports & Entertainment and Jake Pryszlak, Insight Manager at SailGP where they will be discussing the subject of “Embrace the new norm for data - ignore it at your peril!”

Do you know who you are taking home? Or to the doctors, restaurant, shopping, concert or anywhere else! There is increasing media coverage revealing that many apps are recording data surreptitiously and that data is being sold to third parties; here’s a quote from the New York Times:

“Your Apps Know Where You Were Last Night, and They’re Not Keeping It Secret.

Dozens of companies use smartphone locations to help advertisers and even hedge funds. They say it’s anonymous, but the data shows how personal it is.”


It’s likely to be an interesting discussion; join them online on 15th November: 1300hrs



Huggins joins Meshh

The team at Meshh is welcoming the latest addition to the team, Rory Huggins who has joined us as a data analyst in a move to further expand our analysis and reporting capability.

Huggins, our newest data analyst, holds a degree in mathematics and statistics and joins us from online cycling retailer Wiggle. His former role involved analysing operational data and ultimately designing and programming an application to automate manual stock-handling processes. Previously Huggins has held positions with Coca-Cola and Thomas Cook, innovating and improving their analytic and algorithmic processes.

Nicholas Child, our head of data & analytics, said, “Rory is a great addition to the team; his data and stats background fits perfectly with our commitment to increasing the capacity and capability of the data analysis aspects of the Meshh offering,”

Child concluded, “The real value to our clients is that we provide insight from the data we collect on their behalf, they are not concerned with the technology we use, it is the commercial advantage they gain by understanding what the data is telling them. Rory’s experience and enthusiasm for his subject willbe a great asset to the team.”

Huggins said: “I am very excited to be joining Meshh as the company is innovating and growing its data analysis and reporting functions.

I’m keen to be a part of this development in the business, supporting Nick Child in his ambitious vision for Meshh data analytics .”




Creative communications agency dentsu has chosen spatial analytics specialist, Meshh, to deliver the data and analytics for the NIVEA SUN and Cancer Research UK summer tour this year. The tour, which began on June 25, 2022,  will reach 13 places in the UK including the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham and Camp Bestival in Shropshire before ending in August.

Meshh technology will be collecting data on footfall and consumer engagement throughout the tour, which will be analysed and evaluated for actionable insights, allowing dentsu, Cancer Research, and Nivea to quantify and compare the success of the campaign using reliable, credible information.

Monica Marcjanek, client director at dentsu, explained why Meshh was chosen, saying, “We needed a flexible solution which could be used across a variety of environments and sites. 

“Meshh has trained the dentsu  team and our staffing agency personnel to identify the optimum placement for the sensors, how to plug them in and switch them on to begin the data capture process,” she added.

Jessica Pomfret, account director at Meshh said, “The information from the 2021 data was used to compare the performance of each location on the tour. We measured the conversion rates and how effective the activation was in converting passing foot traffic to engaged participants. We were able to evaluate brand exposure across the tour by location, time spent with brand, ROI, and other critical metrics needed to justify the investment in the campaign.”

“The data from each event has been used to inform where Nivea will be travelling to in 2022 and we will be delivering the same metrics this year. This enables our client to build a detailed performance profile across location, time, and even weather conditions, for every year's campaign. Each iteration of the campaign, and every individual event and place,  yields more information, providing insight and knowledge to guide and improve the campaign moving forward."

The roadshow won a Bronze award in the Most Effective Roadshow Campaign at the FMBE Awards in 2021 with 96% of those interviewed who attended the Sun Safety Tour, said they would adopt more sun-safe behaviour in the future.