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While online marketers have successfully mastered audience analytics, their detailed methods have yet to fully transfer to real-world environments. Until now.

Our technology lets you understand how people move within well-defined physical spaces – whether that be at live events, trade exhibitions, retail spaces, transport hubs or any number of other activations.

We passively capture footfall, engagement, dwell time, impact, frequency, and journey paths, providing you with a clear picture of people’s behaviour.

This allows you to visualise visitors’ journeys in and around your space, helping you to optimise its layout – including where to position key points of interest, facilities, and brand materials.


In today’s digital environment, everybody turns up to events with connectivity in their pocket. We use smartphones – and the ‘pings’ they send out as they search for available Wi-Fi networks – as a proxy for people.

Meshh sensors gather these Wi-Fi signals from visitors’ mobile devices. Then we log time, distance and MAC ID (in a secure, fully GDPR-compliant way), before collating all of this visitor information in real time on our live dashboard.

And because our sensors are discreet, they can be deployed throughout event spaces to gather information on specific areas – including entrances and exits, points of interest, venue facilities, marketing and experiential zones – and used to trace visitor journey patterns and hotspots.


Brands and property owners need an accurate, reliable way to measure the success of their events. Attendance counts and overall sales totals are no longer enough. If marketers want to continue to refine their activations – and prove the value of their work too – then they need deeper insight.

The information our technology provides can be used to:

  • Improve event planning and space design
  • Measure engagement with event assets
  • Illustrate to sponsors and advertisers what their brand exposure will be
  • Demonstrate ROI to stakeholders and commercial partners
  • Provide a benchmark for future events and activations, and much more

In being able to deliver real-time, objective data on footfall, movement and engagement for any physical space, Meshh technology delivers the robust insights that brands, event planners and marketers need to keep growing and improving.

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We know you will have lots of questions so please give us a call, however here are some of the most common things we get asked.

With a travel-sized and compact design, our portable hardware is small enough to place in any discreet environment.

2.91 x 2.64 x 0.87 in. (74 x 67 x 23mm)

Yes, all our sensors require power from either from a portable battery pack or power adaptor. The duration of the campaign may dictate which power solution.

Clients will be given their own login to access our dynamic dashboard. You will also be able to export the data in a csv, pdf or xls format.

To date, Meshh has delivered a number of campaigns across the US, Europe and Asia.

Meshh offers both bespoke training for your team to carry out deployments or our technicians can install and offer any onsite support throughout the activation.

Meshh offers clients both the option to buy and reuse the hardware or rent for those one-off activations.

The range is completely customisable from a 2.5 metre radius -15 metre radius but this decreases if there are walls and/or any other obstacles in between.

Yes, our sensors can work outside however we do advise that they are placed inside a protective case to shield them from the elements.

The sensors are splash proof but not fully submersible. We advise that sensors are placed inside a protective bag to ensure they’re suitable for all weather conditions.

The number of sensors required vary based on the KPI’s and the size of the area. With dimensions of the activation and/or a floor plan we can work with you to determine the appropriate number of sensors to be deployed.

We encrypt each device address with a one-way hashing function to protect privacy of visitors. We process the captured data on remote cloud servers to generate reports. Meshh may collect data/information from your (“data provider’s”) mobile phone when you visit any environment where Meshh sensors are deployed. Such information/data may include:

1)  MAC Address of the Mobile Phone;

2)  Signal strength of the Mobile Phone;

3)  Mobile Phone Manufacturer

The collection environments must ensure that individuals are given ample opportunity to view information about data processing before it occurs.

Meshh collects such data under a lawful contract for legitimate business purposes. Data protection is the moral and ethical duty of Meshh. Meshh retains hashed device-specific information collected from a Data Provider and other non-personal data until the Data Provider opts-out of the Meshh Data Analytics program. Once the Data Provider opts-out of the Meshh Data Analytics Program, the information collected from a Data Provider is removed from Meshh’s database and archived. It is never processed nor considered for any operation other than to maintain the Data Provider’s opt-out status.

To opt out of the Meshh Data Analytics program please complete the form located here

To opt out of the Meshh Data Analytics program please complete the form located here

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