Adding Value to Experiential Marketing with Spatial Analytics

Crowd gathered at an experiential event

Adding Value to Experiential Marketing with Spatial Analytics

In the fast-paced world of experiential marketing and brand activations, deploying spatial analytics can appear daunting. During the bustling season of back-to-back events, experiential agency teams find themselves fully immersed in delivering captivating activations with little time for anything amidst living out of hotels and constant travel; data collection often takes a backseat.

However, there is a solution that allows agencies to deploy a measurement system effortlessly, providing accurate and valuable insights. Meshh sensors offer a simple plug-and-play solution that can be easily activated by anyone familiar with turning on a mobile phone.

The demanding nature of managing event programmes leaves little room for complicated technical installations. However, with Meshh sensors, deploying anonymised wifi tracking becomes straightforward. Placing and turning the sensors on is easy, and agency personnel can quickly activate the sensors without the need for technical expertise or dedicated technicians. This plug-and-play approach allows agencies to seamlessly integrate data collection into their activations without adding unnecessary complexity.

Meshh sensors not only simplify deployment but also streamline the data collection process. By effortlessly capturing key metrics, such as visits, dwell times, and engagement levels, the sensors provide accurate insights into the performance of brand activations and promotions. Once the data is collected, Meshh analyses and presents the results to the agency. Meshh also provides a custom dashboard for clients to see the results building and final results in real time. Using a custom dashboard eliminates the need for extensive manual data analysis or interpretation.

Meshh sensors add significant value for clients and agencies. The data collected provides concrete evidence of an activation’s impact and effectiveness. Clients can gain insights into audience behaviour, engagement levels, and overall performance, enabling them to make informed decisions about future marketing strategies. For agencies, the ability to present accurate measurement results strengthens their credibility and enhances their ability to showcase the value of their activations to clients.

Even if the event season is already in full swing, there is always time to integrate spatial analytics into brand activations. By leveraging the plug-and-play nature of these sensors, agencies can effortlessly collect valuable data, empowering them to measure their activations’ impact accurately.
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