Dentsu appoints Meshh to undertake analytics for third NIVEA Sun tour

Dentsu appoints Meshh to undertake analytics for third NIVEA Sun tour

We are thrilled to announce that creative communications agency dentsu has chosen
Meshh, to deliver the data and analytics for the 14-date NIVEA Sun and Cancer Research UK
summer tour for the third year. The tour will reach 13 locations in the UK, including several
Race for Life events and conclude at the Victorious Festival, Portsmouth, on 25-27 August.

Monica Marcjanek, client director at dentsu, said, “We have benefitted using Meshh on the
NIVEA Sun x Cancer Research UK Sun Safety Tour for the third year running. This enables us
to really understand our visitors’ behaviours within our activation space and brand
experiences, allowing us to gain valuable insight such as footfall, engagement, dwell time
and impact helping us to gain a clearer picture of the visitor’s journey. Obtaining this data as
well as the learnings on what works well and what doesn’t enable us to improve our strategic
thinking, approach and optimisation going forward.”

This will be the third incarnation of the tour at which we have supplied sensors; the dentsu
personnel have been trained in their operation, placement for optimum results, and how to
start and end each recording period. The sensors will measure footfall and consumer
engagement throughout the tour, which we will analyse and evaluate for actionable insights
based on three years of accumulated data. This will allow dentsu, Cancer Research, and
NIVEA to quantify and compare the campaign’s success using reliable, credible information.

Meshh CEO, Caroline McGuckian, commented, “Collecting data at multiple events over a
number of years provides a rich set of data from which strong conclusions on dwell time,
engagement and repeat visitors can be made. An added bonus is that we have trained the
dentsu personnel to deploy and manage the sensors, which means that we can focus on our
area of expertise – analysing the patterns in the data and reporting meaningful results and

“The roadshow has attended a mixture of events each year at varying locations, all of which
provide a wide sample of data from which conclusions can be drawn, from the location with
an event to the type of event. Mapping this onto previous results years helps identify trends
and the impact of marketing messages around skin protection,” concludes McGuckian.