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westfield oculus

crowd intelligence study


Now in its second year, Westfield Oculus utilized Meshh analytics to gather critical information about visitor behavior during the holiday market and used that information to adjust and expand the 2019 market. 

This focused on year-on-year improvements and further analysis on the effectiveness of the expanded footprint.


Meshh deployed nearly double the sensors for twice as long as the previous year, which gave the analytics team the ability to draw even deeper insights into the performance of each vendor and the wider traffic patterns around them.


Improvements made year-on-year resulted in marked increases in overall traffic patterns as well as quality of engagement, while dwell time at stalls remained consistent. 

We identified clear differentiation in visitor behaviour between the two distinct areas of the market and provided ongoing, data-driven justification for retail partners and sponsors to invest in the growing opportunity at Westfield Oculus.