Silverstone Grand Prix is the perfect opportunity to connect with motorsport fans and prospective car buyers alike. 

Renault therefore activated for 4 days in the fan zone to capitalise – giving fans the opportunity to enjoy e-sports games, a reaction wall, two F1 heritage cars and two current models in their range.

Yet how to determine the success of the branded experience? 


The Renault activation was tagged with 3 sensors to help them understand how effective they were at attracting footfall as well as which zone held the most appeal.

This also gave them the opportunity to measure the impact on footfall of broader environmental factors such as practice, qualifying, the F1 and F2 races and the hotly anticipated England v Sweden World Cup quarter final.


Unsurprisingly there was a drop off in footfall during the F1 race and England’s progression into the semi-finals of the World Cup, however the activation held strong appeal beyond that, with Saturday proving the most popular day.

With an average dwell time of just under 11 minutes across the 4 days, it’s clear that fans considered the stand a worthy place to spend their time.