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With responsibility for helping UK businesses export and grow into global markets, whilst helping overseas companies across 15 sectors as broad ranging as pharma to fashion settle in the UK, the Department for International Trade exhibit at an extensive range of events throughout the year.  

Yet with government budgets ever under threat, there’s a need to justify the investment in the events they activate at. So beyond general attendance figures, how can DIT report back to stakeholders at such events?


Meshh worked with DIT’s life sciences department at BIO2018 in Boston to measure delegate engagement. 

Their stand comprised businesses from both Great Britain and Ireland, so they were keen to understand the breakdown between the two zones as well.


Using Meshh’s Spatial Analytics solution gave DIT the tools to measure the success of the event – revealing average time spent on the stand, which days and times were the most successful, the effectiveness of the stand at converting passing traffic into interacting with the brands and the comparative success of Great Britain and Ireland.

DIT also held a drinks reception to close off the first day of the event so were keen to understand whether that delivered the spike in footfall they expected. 

Our report also provides a benchmark for future events and helps DIT to measure the ROI of the event.