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Deliver rich media content to mobile devices in any physical environment, without using Wi-Fi bandwidth or visitors’ mobile data.

Live events and experiences today are increasingly experienced with a smartphone in hand – or at the very least in your pocket.

For event organisers, venue managers, and marketers this provides a huge opportunity to interact with an already-engaged audience. However data costs, patchy signal, or overwhelmed Wi-Fi bandwidth can limit that opportunity.

All is not lost though. Meshh is able to deliver rich media content (including downloadable vouchers, advertisements, event information, and more) to smartphones and other mobile devices in any physical environment – all without using Wi-Fi bandwidth or draining visitors’ mobile data.

Engaging people in this way helps to create more immersive experiences, increase dwell times, and generate more meaningful interactions.


We host content locally on small sensors, which any device within 15 metres can connect to. Offline wireless technology enables incredibly fast content delivery speeds and crucially, doesn’t use the venue’s Wi-Fi bandwidth or your visitors’ mobile data. What’s more, the solution works on any handset, with no app downloads required – connection is as simple and secure as it would be with any normal Wi-Fi network.

Uploading content is straightforward too. Simply upload remotely to Meshh sensors through our proprietary Content Delivery System, and then freely tailor the mobile experience by location and day. Adjust in real time on the day, or plan and execute an entire campaign to run for months in advance.


Our content solution allows you to bring digital immersion to any physical environment. It’s proven to dramatically increase engagement and dwell time, which all adds up to a better experience for people visiting the space, as well as greater returns for brands, investors, and other key stakeholders.

In addition, content can be exchanged for potentially valuable data – names, job titles, and email addresses – allowing marketers to follow up and engage with interested event attendees.

Not only is it possible to achieve this without clogging existing communications networks but, turning to digital solutions also reduces the cost and environmental impact of thousands of printed leaflets, brochures, vouchers, or programmes.

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We know you will have lots of questions so please give us a call, however
here are some of the most common things we get asked.

With a travel-sized and compact design, our portable hardware is small enough to place in any discreet environment.

2.91 x 2.64 x 0.87 in. (74 x 67 x 2mm)

You are not restricted by file size; Meshh can support incredibly rich heavy content in all formats.

We use Google Analytics to track all content and engagement numbers as well as time spent connected to Meshh. We can send you reports or set you up on Google Analytics so you can monitor as and when you want

Meshh can host a variety of experiences: information, gaming, video, virtual reality, presentations, voucher redemption etc.

No. Visitors can connect to Meshh using their mobile browser.

There are two options, Meshh can train your team to carry out deployment or our technicians can install and offer any onsite support throughout the activation. Please note that this is also determined by the complexity of the campaign.

No. Meshh create walled networks to deliver digital content to visitors without giving them access to the broader internet.

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