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Do you have the tools needed to measure your next exhibition or trade show?

Don’t go into your next event without cutting-edge tech to quantify impact and improve experiences based on real-world consumer behaviour.  Meshh anonymously tracks mobile phones in any event environment to measure consumer footfall, frequency, dwell time, destinations, and everything in between.

We work with some of the biggest brands in events, retail, and sports, which means we have a robust database of vertical-specific benchmarks for clients to draw on.  See Sportradar case study below for more details.

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Sportradar ICE Exhibition

Sportradar ICE


For the 3rd concurrent year Meshh is working with Sportradar to understand the effectiveness of their exhibition stand at global conferences and events, measuring visitor behaviour across multiple points of interest.


What We did

Meshh sensors were used to understand no. of visitors,  dwell time, visit frequency and popularity of each zone.


Insights + actions

1. Sportradar consistently has high quality engagements across the board as evidenced by the high dwell & conversion rates

2. Data used to inform decision making around stand design for future shows

3. Stand has been optimised year-on-year based on the behavioural data benchmarks established via Meshh

4. Return on Experience and evaluation of marketing spend for internal stakeholders


Apply proven KPI Metrics like engaged visitors, passers-by, conversion rates and dwell times to better understand the science behind what makes your exhibition successful.


Get started for minimal investment and receive a sensor, admin panel, dashboard and onsite monitoring access in one complete measurement package.


Your team, clients and peers expect you to be able to provide metrics in a report with details not only on your visitors but the total exposure gained from the investment.  Gone are the days of going with 'gut feel'.


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