Meshh Releases New Capacity Monitoring Tech

Meshh Releases New Capacity Monitoring Tech

September 17, 2020.


NASCAR Ran Successful Trials of the Feature in the Concourses at Daytona International Speedway Races and will Continue Throughout the Season


NEW YORK -- Meshh, the leading global behavioral technology company that helps brands and properties like Michelin, Verizon, US Open, Live Nation and Diageo measure visitor engagement and interaction in their physical spaces, today announced the release of a new “Capacity Monitoring” feature that will complement the company’s behavioral analytics technology.


Meshh developed the new “Capacity Monitoring” feature to address clients’ growing requests to enlist seamless technology to closely monitor event capacity in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic. The monitoring technology compliments Meshh’s existing contactless event technology suite and analytic platform, and can be quickly installed in any venue. Once the client sets capacity thresholds for specific areas of their space, they will receive immediate notifications once an area passes their pre-set threshold and can determine next steps.


"We're pleased to be able to provide additional features to our platform to inform our clients and monitor visitor behaviors as live events and venues come back online," said Duncan McIntyre, Managing Director, Meshh North America. "Analytics data for events is more important than ever and our new capacity monitoring tool will assist with comfort levels and operational excellence moving forward."  

NASCAR began testing the new “Capacity Monitoring” technology at its events at Daytona International Speedway in August and will continue to utilize key behavioral data from the Meshh analytics platform as fans return to select tracks around the country.


“We are thrilled that our passionate fans are returning to select events but understand that we have a great responsibility to do it safely,” said NASCAR’s executive vice president and chief innovation officer, Craig Neeb. “The tools Meshh has developed provides us with technology to monitor the behaviors of our fans so we can react if needed to ensure their safety, and the safety of our event staff and even teams. Our initial trials to monitor capacity at Daytona International Speedway were highly positive and we look forward to rolling it out as our season progresses.”


Meshh Analytics uses passive Wi-Fi analytics technology with a sensor-based methodology to send anonymous visitor behavior data to a live dashboard to measure engagement, dwell, reach, and frequency at live events and experiences. Data is used to enhance the attendee and sponsor experience, provide ROI metrics and inform operational decision making. 

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Meshh Capacity Monitoring Mobile Portal (click image for hi-res download)
Meshh Capacity Monitoring Dashboard (click image for hi-res download)
Meshh passive wifi analytics sensor (click image for hi-res download)

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