Leisure Attractions

We provide cinemas, theme parks, and other attractions with the opportunity to extend visitors’ experiences to their smartphone screens

With our technology, it’s possible to:

  • Enhance temporary pop up experiences with targeted digital content
  • Deliver downloadable vouchers and promotions to help boost retail revenue
  • Work with commercial partners to generate revenue from this new targeted digital media platform
  • Cut down on printed materials by delivering brochures and programmes digitally

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We help advertisers and marketers bring their ads ‘off the billboard’ and extend the experience onto consumers’ mobile devices.

By connecting billboard sites, screens, or experiential spaces you can:

  • Provide digital content that builds on the message promoted by your specific OOH activation
  • Push video content, catalogues, and downloadable vouchers to visitors engaged by your OOH media site

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We offer transport hubs and operators an entirely new local media channel with which to engage commuters and retailers.

Our sensor-based technology lets you:

  • Deliver rich digital content to people as they travel – providing entertainment, offers, vouchers, information, or incentives to people on the move
  • Develop a new localised content channel that can be used to host paid advertising from third parties
  • Target specific areas or spaces within a transport hub and engage passengers with relevant digital content – to inform, direct or drive consumer traffic

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