Dentsu - Nivea

brand exposure & 

return on investment


To measure brand exposure and ROI on Nivea & Cancer Research’s summer tour around UK towns, parks and beaches – across both 2021 and 2022 campaigns.


Working with MKTG, Meshh installed a sensor on the vans which toured the country across 36 leading destinations for 3-months.


Data captured gave insight into which locations received the highest footfall and those which didn’t – enabling ops teams to optimise schedule and plans.

Engagement and conversion rate of activation provided the client with ROI and key data which fed into a larger measurement piece (social media campaign etc.)

Insights from Meshh included the effectiveness of activation in converting passing foot traffic to engaged participants, the busiest time of day, how weather impacts engagement, time spent with brand and brand exposure overall and at each location

Formula E



fan experience &

commercial excellence


Formula E has partnered with Meshh to leverage its Spatial Analytics platform to better understand footfall and fan behaviour across their 2022 season.


Meshh sensors are deployed across circuits to understand crowd flow, sponsorship/partner evaluation, measurement of the E-Village, several key grandstands and the impact of track activity.


Providing high-level footfall metrics to help understand brand exposure and engagement across various activations and entertainment zones

Programming recommendations and behavioural insight for distinct fan clusters 

Operational metrics and recommendations to alleviate congestion during peak hours

E-Village analysis includes daily visitor footfall and dwell time to demonstrate ROI to partners and sponsors

Data collected throughout 2022 will be used to optimise fan experience for the following season, with Meshh back measuring key circuits and delivering YOY comparisons

IFF 2020

September 8, 2020.


We were thrilled to take part in IFF this year as an Official Content Partner. Across the two days of the Wednesday and Thursday event, we had an opportunity to hear directly from music industry leaders about the impact that COVID-19 has had and the plan to bring events back online.


Our biggest take away was that there are good things on the horizon! From major globally known festivals to smaller independents, everyone is optimistic that the industry is going to bounce back better than ever.


A special thanks to the IFF + IQ Mag teams for doing a great job at replicating the in-person conference experience.  Read more on the festival's website



If you need a simple, scalable way of collecting visitor behavior data in any physical space, we’d love to hear from you and you can follow us here on linkedin for updates. 




Formula 1



fan experience &

commercial excellence

Client Objective

Meshh has been working with Formula 1 since 2017, delivering insight into spectator behaviour around race circuits, whilst assessing commercial opportunities across 10 races per year across the globe.

Meshh delivered

Meshh deploys our sensor technology to monitor footfall around several key areas which may include:

  • Fanzone
  • Entrance & Exits
  • Grandstands
  • F&B
  • Merchandise
  • Sponsor / Partner activations & assets

The data collected is analysed to understand journey patterns and engagement to provide a detailed report on fan behaviour and event ROI.


  • Amended retail strategy to increase satellite units across circuits and maximise sales revenue
  • Understanding the impact of entertainment and track activity scheduling as well as informing where fans are choosing to watch the various track events
  • Changed location of fan activations to maximise awareness and engagement for brand partners
  • Fanzone data used to renew partner contracts and provide overall brand exposure 
  • Optimised fan experience based on behavioural data collected on the segmenting of general admission & VIP ticket holders

7 key attributes for Reopening Technology

September 23, 2020.


Tools for capacity monitoring and understanding visitor behaviour, and the associated ROI, are now at the forefront of marketing and operations professionals around the globe. Whether it’s in retail environments, stadiums, exhibition venues or public spaces, the best minds in the industry are hard at work understanding new requirements for monitoring visitor behavior, capacity and crowd density to allow for the safe return to live experiences.


Simultaneously, there’s a lot of noise in the market with an increased amount of tech providers ‘pivoting’ into this specialised area, selling unproven products and technology which were developed only a couple of months ago.  To help navigate, we’ve highlighted 7 key attributes to help your decision-making process easier.



1. Flexible placement


– The COVID-19 pandemic has raised visitor behavior questions that may have never been considered in the past.  As a result, the technologies you employ need to be discreet and robust enough to exist in any type of environment. Technologies that rely on existing infrastructure or an action by consumers are limited in their accuracy to measure density or capacities in key areas. Choosing a flexible solution will improve the longevity of the technology for future use.


2. Deployment

– Relevant to flexibility is the ease at which the technology can be deployed. Does your strategic plan for your space involve a large capex investment, reliance on existing infrastructure for connectivity and bandwidth? Does it require a team of expert technicians traveling to install it or, is there an option for sensors to be self-deployed following a basic product training session? Ensuring technology is turnkey for deployment is a vital part of evaluating new technologies.


3. Reporting & Benchmarks

– Does your vendor have experience working in your sector to assist with the right questions to ask, reporting metrics, benchmarks and ultimately, making better decisions around what success looks like?  Real-time reporting dashboards with easy to understand metrics are an important part of driving analytical decision making with key stakeholders. For additional flexibility, seek out tools that have a variety of export options to make it easy to ingest data into reporting templates, databases or aggregators.


4. deeper insight

– If a deeper dive into your data is required to distill key learnings, it’s important to find a platform with a dedicated insights team that can help draw key learnings from your measurement campaigns.


5. additional reopening features

– In addition to having extensive experience in the field of crowd analytics, has your vendor recently released features such as capacity and density monitoring to provide tools for your operations team to monitor foot traffic metrics in key areas of concern?  Consider what features are critical to understanding if the new measures you have in place are effective.


6. alerts and support

– What systems are in place to monitor behaviors during up time? The ability to set capacity thresholds with a simple email and SMS alert system will keep your security teams in the loop so they can respond to incidents faster, avoid overcrowding, bottlenecks and adjust staffing where appropriate.


7. consumer privacy compliance

– Is the technology compliant with local privacy guidelines?  GDPR and CCPA have very strict guidelines on what is legal with regard to collecting, processing and storing Personally Identifiable Information (PII).  A passive and anonymous system will ensure there is no need for visitors to connect to WiFi, Bluetooth or download an event app. By passively understanding the movement of mobile devices, you will not only be sure that the information you have gathered on behavioral data will not breach any local privacy guidelines, but you will also have the largest sample size of data for analysis with minimized barriers for data collection.


If you’ve made it to this point, reading the article on Meshh’s blog page, you may not be surprised to hear that our platform covers off all of these challenges!  If it sounds like something that is of value to your team in getting visitors back to your venue, retail or publicly accessible space, please get in touch to learn more.


Photo by luka lojk on Unsplash




experiential tour metrics


Bose's launch campaign for their new Frames range of sunglasses with built-in speakers, comprised an 80 location tour of the US to connect with surf and snow markets.
Bose were keen to establish consistent reporting metrics to understand which location drove the most exposure for the brand, identify where they generated the most engagement and understand how successful the tour had been against their KPIs. 


Meshh sensors were installed in the two activation trucks prior to setting off on their journeys across North America, enabling the Bose team to simply turn up at each location and instantly track visitor behaviour.


Meshh enabled ROI comparisons across the multi leg tour, providing real-time access to event data - to evaluate event & brand ambassador performance.

This simplified post event reporting, freeing up the account management team to work on optimising future location selections and making programming improvements.

Reopening Analytics Tech

July 17, 2020.


As venues have cautiously started to reopen, so have longer term strategic planning conversations, RFIs and briefs for brand activities.  Leading into the weekend, here’s a brief snapshot of what we’re seeing and hearing.


With many conferences with physical attendance pushing to 2021, AI-Everything in Dubai is one we're excited for,  rescheduled for March 2021. You can catch up on virtual content on their website in the meantime.


When the infection rate stays below 10 for 3 months , we can look forward to live music events  like this at the Sandstone Point Hotel outside of Brisbane in Australia.


Until then... the Drive-In is trending in a big way… and a safe bet for getting out, but staying safe!  Here’s our favorites;  Live Nation (St Louis, Nashville, Indi), TriBeCa Film Fest (NY, CA, TX). Kilburn Media partnering with Brookfield (TX, MN, NJ).


The Drum held a session with Neustar on the Agile Marketing, Analytics Agility and using data to make decisions to optimise against your KPIs in digital marketing - a conversation that resonated with us as we see a trend in our clients across events, Conferences, CRE and experiential, who are all planning on returning with an increased level of analytics in their measurement methodology.



If you need a simple, scalable way of collecting visitor behavior data in any physical space, we’d love to hear from you. Follow us here on linkedin for updates and have a great weekend!





Meet Julia Roberts, UK Project Manager

Delighted to welcome Julia Roberts to the team as our new UK Project Manager 🙂   Here’s a snapshot of what she’s all about.   If you could visit anywhere in the world you’ve never been, where would you go?   On my last few holidays, I have tried to make sure that my destination is a…


Advertising Week Partnership

September 17, 2019 Meshh to Deliver Insight Into Delegate Engagement at the AMC Center for Advertising Week New York   NEW YORK /PRNewswire/ — Spatial Intelligence specialist Meshh is partnering with Advertising Week New York, to deliver insight into delegate engagement at the September event (23rd – 26th), a gathering of marketing, advertising, technology and brand professionals.…


Meshh Releases New Capacity Monitoring Tech

September 17, 2020.


NASCAR Ran Successful Trials of the Feature in the Concourses at Daytona International Speedway Races and will Continue Throughout the Season


NEW YORK -- Meshh, the leading global behavioral technology company that helps brands and properties like Michelin, Verizon, US Open, Live Nation and Diageo measure visitor engagement and interaction in their physical spaces, today announced the release of a new “Capacity Monitoring” feature that will complement the company’s behavioral analytics technology.


Meshh developed the new “Capacity Monitoring” feature to address clients’ growing requests to enlist seamless technology to closely monitor event capacity in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic. The monitoring technology compliments Meshh’s existing contactless event technology suite and analytic platform, and can be quickly installed in any venue. Once the client sets capacity thresholds for specific areas of their space, they will receive immediate notifications once an area passes their pre-set threshold and can determine next steps.


"We're pleased to be able to provide additional features to our platform to inform our clients and monitor visitor behaviors as live events and venues come back online," said Duncan McIntyre, Managing Director, Meshh North America. "Analytics data for events is more important than ever and our new capacity monitoring tool will assist with comfort levels and operational excellence moving forward."  

NASCAR began testing the new “Capacity Monitoring” technology at its events at Daytona International Speedway in August and will continue to utilize key behavioral data from the Meshh analytics platform as fans return to select tracks around the country.


“We are thrilled that our passionate fans are returning to select events but understand that we have a great responsibility to do it safely,” said NASCAR’s executive vice president and chief innovation officer, Craig Neeb. “The tools Meshh has developed provides us with technology to monitor the behaviors of our fans so we can react if needed to ensure their safety, and the safety of our event staff and even teams. Our initial trials to monitor capacity at Daytona International Speedway were highly positive and we look forward to rolling it out as our season progresses.”


Meshh Analytics uses passive Wi-Fi analytics technology with a sensor-based methodology to send anonymous visitor behavior data to a live dashboard to measure engagement, dwell, reach, and frequency at live events and experiences. Data is used to enhance the attendee and sponsor experience, provide ROI metrics and inform operational decision making. 

For more information visit


Meshh Capacity Monitoring Mobile Portal (click image for hi-res download)
Meshh Capacity Monitoring Dashboard (click image for hi-res download)
Meshh passive wifi analytics sensor (click image for hi-res download)

About Meshh

Meshh provides passive behavioral technology, helping event organizers, venues and brands measure visitor engagement and interaction in their spaces.

We help marketers learn more about how customers behave in real-world environments, delivering actionable insight and assisting ROI measurement.

We're proud to work with market-leading organizations including Michelin, Verizon, US Open, World Rally Cross, Nielsen, Live Nation, Bose, Harley Davidson, CVS and Diageo.


Media Contacts: 

Duncan McIntyre, Managing Director North America

Caroline McGuckian, CEO

Westfield Oculus


westfield oculus

crowd intelligence study


Now in its second year, Westfield Oculus utilized Meshh analytics to gather critical information about visitor behavior during the holiday market and used that information to adjust and expand the 2019 market. 

This focused on year-on-year improvements and further analysis on the effectiveness of the expanded footprint.


Meshh deployed nearly double the sensors for twice as long as the previous year, which gave the analytics team the ability to draw even deeper insights into the performance of each vendor and the wider traffic patterns around them.


Improvements made year-on-year resulted in marked increases in overall traffic patterns as well as quality of engagement, while dwell time at stalls remained consistent. 

We identified clear differentiation in visitor behaviour between the two distinct areas of the market and provided ongoing, data-driven justification for retail partners and sponsors to invest in the growing opportunity at Westfield Oculus.