Contactless, no-touch Tech

June 15, 2020.   Contactless Technology & The Future Of Live Event Experiences As we begin to dust off the cobwebs and get back to some sense of normalcy, contactless technologies are at the top of everyone’s mind. There are new technologies being released each week, as well as a few older ones that are…


Contactless Surveys

May 21, 2020.   To say that we’re living in “uncertain” times is an understatement when it comes to the experiential marketing industry. COVID-19 has brought our industry to a grinding halt over the last few months. No more pop-ups, no more festivals, no more races…the “experience” has been taken out of “experiential.”   While…


social distancing tools

May 15, 2020   Event Safety Alliance Releases Reopening Guide The ESA has released updated best practices for getting events back up and running safely and efficiently. We’re all eagerly awaiting the day when we can get back to designing, producing and delivering experiences to consumers– this week there’s a bit of good news on…


Meet Garth Hill, Account Director

May 8, 2020   We’re thrilled to introduce Garth Hill to our North American office in his role as Account Director. He brings a wealth of experience across digital and location data insights in the live event space. As a South Carolina native, we know he’ll bring some southern warmth, charm and hospitality to our…


5 Experiential Measurement Tips for Brands

April 17, 2019.   As we fast approach a digital-first world, it comes as no surprise that the majority of people are walking around with connectivity in their pocket. Despite this, brands often rely on antiquated, manual methods for measuring visitor footfall, including clickers and anecdotal evidence. Fortunately, innovative technology – such as Meshh’s Spatial…


Meet Andy Bacon, Technical Director

April 23, 2020   We’re proud to announce the hire of our new Technical Director, Andy Bacon, who comes to us with over 10 years experience in a similar capacity from the property sector.  With an honours degree from the University of Plymouth, Andy will be based in our London HQ and will play an…


4 Reasons to Measure Visitor Behaviour at Live Experiences

April 17, 2019.   There’s no denying the popularity of experiential marketing, with brands increasingly allocating budget to activating at live sports events, festivals, shopping malls and various other public spaces. Immersing themselves in these environments enables brands to build human connections with consumers, in ways simply not possible through other marketing channels. Yet many…


Meet Rob Hoffman, Experiential Projects Manager North America

  We’re lucky to have Rob Hoffman onboard as our new Experiential Projects Manager, based over in NYC.    Welcome to the team Rob!   What’s the coolest thing you’re working on right now?   The work we’re doing for Tischman Speyer at Rockefeller Center has been an amazing project to jump into straight away.…