See us at the Meeting Show!

See us at the Meeting Show!

With increasing awareness of personal data usage, event attendees are becoming more reluctant to share their information. As a result, event organisers are now looking for new ways to capture attendee information and measure success.

In his upcoming session, our head of insights and analytics, Nick Child, will show attendees how to ‘Unpack The Power Of Passive Data’ at The Meeting Show on June 29 2023. 

At 11:00 AM Nick will be presenting on the Impact & Inform Stage, where he will discuss the importance of developing a broader data-collection mindset and explore alternative ways to collect and interpret passive data. You won’t want to miss this informative session, as Nick will also highlight user cases and share success stories.

To register for your place and to find more information about the event, visit the Meeting Show’s website at

See you at the Meeting Show!