Coffee on us? Let’s talk at EMS!

Coffee on us? Let’s talk at EMS!

We’re headed to Las Vegas! The Meshh team will be on hand at the Experiential Marketing Summit 2023 (EMS) at Caesars Palace, from May 9-11 to showcase how experiential marketers can utilise Spatial Analytics in their next campaigns. 

Throughout the week, we will be meeting with show attendees to discuss how our technology is used to understand visitor behavior in physical spaces and how that insight can be used to accurately and reliably demonstrate any of the following…

  • engagement with physical campaign assets
  • brand exposure of client assets to a specific audience
  • a benchmark for future investment
  • an understanding of consumer touchpoints throughout the campaign lifecycle with the physical aspects of a campaign

As our CEO Caroline McGuckian, explains, “The interactive nature of experiential marketing campaigns is where Meshh thrives, marketers need to provide much deeper insight to prove the value of their work while still allowing attendees the chance to engage without interruption. 

Meshh technology passively and anonymously captures footfall, engagement, dwell time, impact, frequency, and journey paths, providing you with actionable insights to evaluate your campaign without disturbing your target audience.”

If you would like to grab a coffee and discuss how spatial analytics can help your next campaign, drop us an email at