Anonymised data and event performance – International Confex 2023

Anonymised data and event performance – International Confex 2023

As attendees become more hesitant to share their personal data, how can event organisers effectively measure their event performance? Our head of insights and analytics, Nick Child, will be helping to answer that question, and many others, at International Confex, ExCel London, March 1st, 2023.

Over the last few years, there has been a shift in how people understand and value their personal data. The public is more aware of the risks of their data being used maliciously and is less inclined to share it as freely as they might have done only five years ago. As event attendees become more data-aware and reluctant to share, the industry needs to adapt and find new ways to measure attendee engagement.

At 14:00, Nick will be on stage at the Event Tech Theatre, with his presentation: “How using anonymised spatial analytics over time will improve event performance for organisers, brands, agencies and sponsors in a more data-aware universe”. Nick will also be sharing how passive, anonymised methods can be used to gather and measure data at events without compromising privacy, and without the need for an app, smart badges or any technology traditionally associated with footfall and visitor measurement.

Whether data capture and analysis is your expertise or you’re simply looking for the best way to measure engagement and behaviour at live events, Nick’s presentation will be a revealing and refreshing look at how spatial analytics is changing the way brands, and sponsors use data.

See you at Confex!