Meshh set to increase deployment at Sky Retail stores in 2023

Sky Battersea storefront

Meshh set to increase deployment at Sky Retail stores in 2023

We are pleased to announce that, from January 1st, 2023, we will be increasing the deployment of our spatial analytics technology in Sky retail outlets in the UK.

Since a successful proof of concept in early 2021, we have built Sky its own bespoke reporting tool, revealing the total visitor numbers, repeat visitors, dwell times, and conversion rates for Sky’s mid-mall assets and stores equipped with our technology. 

The reports are being used to better understand the effectiveness of marketing campaigns in driving traffic to stores, and identify what factors may affect customer experiences and operational needs. The data contributes to staff planning and business targets, with ongoing optimisation to maximise the consumer sales journey. Correlating behaviour and sales data enables Sky retail to gain a much deeper understanding of the touchpoints required prior to purchase.

Jess Pomfret, account director at Meshh, said, “As Sky’s footfall measurement partner we have been able to combine the data in our reports from multiple campaigns to provide more impactful data for Sky. In addition to the primary objectives set, our data has been able to help better understand the relationship between Sky’s assets and their locations in relation to each other. We’ve, also been able to measure the impact on footfall in stores from experiential marketing, such as the recent Sky Truck tour.”

Jess concluded, “Sky’s decision to expand spatial analytics to more outlets means that we can provide more extensive information to its team and develop upon our previous findings, making for more accurate benchmarking and an improved understanding of the many factors that affect customer experiences.”