Twisted Tea


Twisted Tea


Twisted Tea wanted to understand visitor opinions about the brand across two NASCAR event locations, before and after engaging with their activation.


Meshh developed and delivered a custom branded survey directly to visitors' mobile devices via a closed local WiFi network – attracting in the moment responses in exchange for vouchers to obtain branded merchandise. We deployed 4 analytics sensors to measure quantitative behavior around the key elements of the activation. 


The research enabled insights such as 'An overwhelming majority of respondents left the activation with a “very positive” or “somewhat positive” opinion of Twisted Tea'. By the time they left, most respondents who had never heard of or tasted Twisted Tea prior to the event indicated they were “very likely” to purchase Twisted Tea in the next 3 months. Analytics showed a time spent with brand of 27mins on average and that minor tweaks to the layout could increase the flow of footfall through the experience reducing queue times.