As one of the world’s leading banks, Santander were faced with a challenge in breaking through in the highly competitive UK financial market. So how better to make a splash in the capital than sponsoring the city’s popular ‘Boris bikes’?

With this in mind, Santander needed to find new ways to provide further transactional information to tourists to encourage leisure travel and boost the confidence to purchase. 


Meshh hosted a 12-week, 10-unit trial on the Santander Cycles docking stations, managed by TFL. 

How-To-Guides on how to hire, ride and return a Santander bike, inspiring PDFs and video content on popular cycle routes and attractions in London were available for users to take away with them. 

The call to action was via vinyl stickers on the totems and beacon notifications.


Santander were able to engage with nearly 2,800 people through this additional content.  With each totem, Santander accessed over 230 people each week and this, unsurprisingly, led to a 15% conversion rate of people downloading the available content to their devices. 

This resulted in a new and exciting way for Santander to reach tourists and commuters alike.