experiential tour metrics


As part of their broader UEFA Champions League sponsorship, Santander ran a ‘Numbers Can’ roadshow, harnessing the power of football to improve the nation’s numeracy skills and change lives for the better.   
Meshh were contracted to measure visitor engagement and provide contextual data across the 13 leg tour. 


Santander ran a range of activities on the truck so were able to measure direct interactions from participants. However with a larger area for people to engage in outside of the truck, further insight was required to complete the picture. 
We therefore placed two sensors in key zones on the truck to capture passing footfall, engaged visitor numbers, zonal preference, dwell time, peak times and most popular location on the tour.


Meshh data enabled Santander to better understand how effective their roadshow had been - revealing how much exposure their brand had achieved, which location drove the greatest ROI and which zone on the stand proved most popular.