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Rockefeller Centre were looking to gain insight into the millions of people who visit the Rockefeller Center each year, as well as understanding arrival behaviors, interactions, and movement around the landmark property and neighbouring blocks. 


Meshh deployed over 45 strategically placed sensors to capture millions of data points during the 3 month deployment. 
This enabled our analytics team to reveal patterns of movement around each of the major attractions, as well as across the various public and retail spaces at Rockefeller Center, which is split between tenants and tourists. 


Meshh identified when, where and how people accessed the property, the frequency & length of time visitors engaged in the property and various attractions, as well as tracking how behaviour changed over time.

We were able to establish a relationship between visitors and the areas they visited, highlighting nuances such as whether visitors to 'Top of the Rock' stayed longer on site.

The insights gained have given Tishman Speyer the ability to: 
  • identify areas to deploy staff and resources
  • improve wayfinding
  • encourage visitors to attend
  • enhance commercial and sponsorship potential