London Marathon


london marathon

crowd intelligence & safety


Whilst the London Marathon team have a comprehensive understanding about participants’ demographics, they know little about the crowd and its behaviour on the day.

They were therefore keen to learn about:

  • Departure behaviour and key routes they take
  • Spectator to runner ratio
  • Zonal behaviour – number of zones traveled through

They were also keen to understand how changes to the layout of the event in 2019, based on the 2018 Meshh insights, impacted spectator movement around the major finish line exit routes, as well as analysing runner behaviour at the Virgin Money London Marathon expo.


20 sensors were placed within the Virgin Money London Marathon expo and around the finish line and key exit routes. Meshh analysed over 1 million data points to explore how behaviour differed as the day progressed.


65% of visitors used the same 2 exit routes, revealing that additional wayfinding would alleviate this congestion.

A clear segmentation was identified between different runner types and behaviours.

Greater London Police and Transport for London use the insight to provide a better and safer spectator experience and maximise the number of runners the event can handle.