Soap and Glory


soap & glory

music festival

brand perception survey


Soap & Glory were looking for an effective means of connecting with attendees at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival to gain insight into perceptions of the brand, the activation, as well as their industry trends.  Connectivity challenges at the venue inherently presented difficulties with traditional data collection methods via tablets.


As part of a qualitative and quantitative research piece with Nielsen, Meshh's onsite survey tool was used to create a questionaire that allowed fans to select their choices and upload video responses via their own mobile device.

Concert Cash delivered to their personal device for immediate redemption - respondents who provided a video response were served additional Concert Cash via the built in question logic options.


Meshh was able to exceed survey quota targets, enabling Soap & Glory to work with Nielsen to gain insight from a much larger sample size and draw deeper, more accurate insights into their target audience.

Meshh’s Onsite Research tool was then implemented to deploy no touch, onsite surveys across Nielsen's portfolio of clients in music and sport.