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Smart, accurate customer feedback at your events 


Typically, getting feedback on your event means employing a team of brand ambassadors to collect information from attendees. It’s time consuming, often paper-based (images of clipboards spring to mind), and, by the nature of the method, limits staff to conducting one survey at a time.

Meshh’s Spatial Content tool can also be used to deliver digital surveys to mobile devices in any physical environment – without the need for a dedicated Wi-Fi network or mobile data. People can complete the survey there and then, in the comfort of their own phone.

And because the surveys are digital and can be completed on anyone’s smartphone (without the need to download an app), it means fewer staff being tied up with walking respondents through the survey process.

It also means no more paper surveys and hours of data entry after the event.


Meshh hardware stores entire interactive digital surveys offline, within the local event environment, allowing for more engaging questionnaires. Our technology handles the whole process, allowing multiple devices to connect to the local Meshh network, register answers, and upload any digital media at the same time.

Our technology enables sophisticated decision mapping, enabling surveys to be tailored to respondents’ circumstances.


The simplicity and flexibility of our solution makes it easy for brands and venue owners to gather far more survey responses than can be typically captured at live events.

Super-fast online connectivity maximises the number of people that can be doing a survey at any one time and minimises the number of staff required to drive survey engagement – freeing them up to interact with consumers in other ways.

And because our solution is localised, digital, and instantaneous, it’s possible to get live event feedback in real time.

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We know you will have lots of questions so please give us a call, however here are some of the most common things we get asked.

No. Meshh create walled networks to deliver digital content to visitors without giving them access to the broader internet.

We use Google Analytics to track all content and engagement numbers as well as time spent connected to Meshh. We can send you reports or set you up on Google Analytics so you can monitor as and when you want.

Yes. Our Research product allows for custom content to be embedded, as well enabling users to record photos and video as part of their response.

Clients may provide their own questions from previous survey work, or Meshh can craft the perfect survey for the environment and objectives.

Surveys have a much higher completion rate with reward mechanisms. Meshh therefore recommends rewarding completed surveys.

No. Visitors can connect to Meshh using their mobile browser.

There are two options, Meshh can train your team to carry out deployment or our technicians can install and offer any onsite support throughout the activation. Please note that this is also determined by the complexity of the campaign.

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