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Understand visitor behaviour in your physical environment


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We help event organisers, venues and sponsors track and measure engagement – across any indoor or outdoor event space. Hard data on brand exposure, footfall, frequency, engagement, dwell time and movement lets you:

  • Map attendees’ journey patterns and preferences across your event space – how do people access and exit the site? Which areas are most popular, and when?
  • Measure engagement with event assets – are people queuing for too long at food & drink stands? Do merchandise stalls draw a crowd?
  • Improve the positioning of assets based upon actual visitor behaviour – which areas are receiving the most foot traffic? Are event facilities located in the best positions?
  • Prove the impact value of spaces for commercial partners – what do sponsors stand to gain? And how does the data demonstrate that return on investment?
  • Enable comparisons between events over time – what worked well, and what not so well? How can these discoveries improve how future sites are laid out?


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We work with brands to boost the impact of their experiential activities. Our sensors measure visitor engagement, dwell time, passers-by and repeat visitors to:

  • Determine the brand exposure of activations – how much attention is your brand getting?
  • Calculate the effectiveness of brand ambassador interactions, POS design and positioning – are people connecting with the experience?
  • Gauge the success and impact of the overall activation – has it delivered positive ROI?

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We deliver an instant understanding of how people move around exhibition spaces, what takes their interest, and how to optimise their experiences.

Our insights into footfall, dwell time and audience exposure can be used to:

For exhibition organisers

  • Demonstrate the value of exhibition stands – which areas offer greater returns to exhibitors, and how can this inform your pricing strategy?
  • Paint a picture of visitors’ journeys throughout your space – are there times or days that are more popular than others? How should this information be used to influence timetabling?
  • Understand how delegates spend their time at your event - which meeting areas and speaker sessions are the most popular? When do people arrive in relation to session schedules?

For exhibitors  

  • Measure how effective your exhibition presence has been – how impactful is your stand? Are visitors engaging with your staff and sales assets? Which area of your stand is drawing the most attention?
  • Count the frequency of returning delegates by date and time – are people compelled to come back for more information and have further conversations?  


We work with event organisers, rights holders and sponsors to measure movement and engagement in and around dedicated fan experiences.

With this information, you can:

  • Determine peak footfall times – how does the headline event impact visitor behaviour?
  • Identify popular areas and discover which locations are most important to them – how many times do people return to the bar? Which activations are fans most engaged with?
  • Analyse the effectiveness and impact of sponsor activations – how engaged are people with advertising and experiential installations?


We help retailers understand how shoppers interact with their stores and the shopping centres they’re located in. By studying shoppers in more detail, you’ll be able to:

  • Trace visitor journeys from entrance to checkout and measure the impact of visual merchandising – how often do people purchase items after visiting the changing room?
  • Capture the direction and movement of external foot traffic - how many shopping centre visitors end up coming into your store rather than walking on by, and at what times? Does new window creative drive greater footfall in store?
  • Identify the most popular zones or product spaces within your store – are people attracted to promotions and concessions?
  • Work out which pitches and store locations offer the most value to their tenants – where are the hotspots in your mall?

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We provide a clear view of how much attention out-of-home media sites are getting – and what impact they can have as a result. With anonymised data on foot traffic around specific sites, you can:

  • Map journey patterns across local OOH networks – can you tell a bigger story with your campaign?
  • Understand the effectiveness of ads at driving footfall – how many people visit a store having seen it advertised out of home?
  • Judge the value of different media spaces more effectively – how will this inform pricing strategies?
  • Enhanced OOH campaigns
  • Get first party data and leverage the value of data with integrity


We enable transport hubs and operators to measure crowd and passenger movement throughout the day. By better understanding how, when and where people traverse the concourses, it’s possible to:

  • Identify footfall pinch points and how passengers flow around a station or airport at different times of day – what does this look like at rush hour? How will the space cope with that?
  • Evaluate and build proof points for new billboards, media sites, retail spaces and experiential areas – which locations provide the best value and engagement?
  • Learn how environmental factors such as delays and weather affect consumer behaviour – does a long wait mean more time spent in a station’s retail outlets?

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We provide data on public places and commercial properties to help managers and leaseholders better understand how people engage and interact with their spaces. Our technology delivers information on footfall, engagement and dwell time, helping you:

  • Understand how results differ by time and day – how do evenings at the weekend compare with those throughout the week?
  • Identify bottlenecks and pinch points, popular locations, and consumer journey paths – how is layout affecting the way people use the area and how can this understanding help you optimise your space?
  • Understand how environmental factors affect visitor behaviour – do rainy days keep people away, or is your property an ideal place to shelter?
  • Support pre- and post-investment analysis for key stakeholders and local communities – can measuring repeat visits help to demonstrate long-term value?