We deliver an instant understanding of how people move around exhibition spaces, what takes their interest, and how to optimise their experiences.

Our insights into footfall, dwell time and audience exposure can be used to:

For exhibition organisers

  • Demonstrate the value of exhibition stands – which areas offer greater returns to exhibitors, and how can this inform your pricing strategy?
  • Paint a picture of visitors’ journeys throughout your space – are there times or days that are more popular than others? How should this information be used to influence timetabling?
  • Understand how delegates spend their time at your event – which meeting areas and speaker sessions are the most popular? When do people arrive in relation to session schedules?

For exhibitors  

  • Measure how effective your exhibition presence has been – how impactful is your stand? Are visitors engaging with your staff and sales assets? Which area of your stand is drawing the most attention?
  • Count the frequency of returning delegates by date and time – are people compelled to come back for more information and have further conversations?  

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