Capacity Monitoring

Capacity Monitoring

June 11, 2020.


Meshh’s newest release gives producers / operations directors / venue managers the tools they need to effortlessly monitor foot traffic metrics in key areas of an event or venue.


Meshh’s analytics sensors are placed at your venue in key zones to monitor your event or brand activation. We consult with your management team to determine an ideal capacity for given areas, to plug parameters directly into Meshh’s Admin Portal. Meshh's analytics technology passively and anonymously monitors WiFi pings from mobile devices within key areas and sends alerts via email when devices in the space are close to the preset capacity. Key personnel can also check in on sensors at any time via the Meshh Analytics Dashboard. Dwell time metrics ensure key operations personnel always have a clear picture of bottlenecks, pinch points and overall capacity.


  • Understand time of arrival / departure to allow for adequate provision of staff and equipment and drive the optimal mix of ingress and egress.
  • Monitor common areas to ensure social distancing capacity guidance is being followed
  • Ensure key landmarks, zones or photo-ops don’t become overcrowded
  • Understand impacts on capacity during arrival, departure and peak times to enable appropriate staffing support.


If you need to learn more about your visitor behavior and leveraging our capacity monitoring feature, we’d love to hear from you and you can follow us here on linkedin for updates.