Formula One



fan experience &

commercial excellence


Following the recent acquisition by Liberty Media, Formula One have invested heavily in the live fan experience. 

They’ve also focussed on commercialising their assets in new ways and are keen to better demonstrate the value of their live events to global and local partners and stakeholders.

Their Global Research team therefore engaged Meshh to deliver insight into spectator behaviour around race circuits, whilst assessing commercial opportunities.


Following a successful proof of concept in Austin, Texas in 2017, Meshh have deployed c.60 Analytics sensors across 10 races a season in 2018 and 2019, to monitor footfall and understand visitor behaviour around: 

  • Entrances & exits
  • Grandstands
  • Food & beverage
  • Merchandise stands
  • Fan zone activations 
  • Paddock Club

Our technology is used to evidence when visitors arrive on the circuit, journey patterns throughout the event, most popular entrances & exits, optimum placement for retail outlets, how visitors engage with the fan zone, dwell time in grandstands, wayfinding hotspots and the impact of track activity on engagement with invested assets.


Supported by unprecedented levels of insight into visitor behaviour, Formula One have refined their approach to race weekends including:

  • Amending their retail strategy to support the F1 Megastore with satellite stands across circuits 
  • Changing locations of fan activations to maximize awareness and engagement
  • Increasing the appeal of multi day tickets

Meshh also supported the launch of an ‘F1 Event App’ to improve information and wayfinding at races and increase value for money perceptions.